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  • this week’s plans

    “The hobby” tells us there’s a model railroading season but, for me, activity feels almost more conversational as the way we modify how we enjoy life during each season inspires different ways of thinking about the hobby. A quick trip… Read More ›

  • the heat is on

    “Why’s it got to be so hot?” She’s not wrong. Wired as I am there’s these first thoughts that I keep private that consider how at this time of year the Earth travels closer to the Sun so we feel… Read More ›

  • Thursday and sunshine

    There’s always that small talk at the start of most meetings where we wind up talking about the weather. Even if we intend to make an effort to not “talk about the weather” that effort seems to create an anxious… Read More ›

  • The Small Layout Design Handbook

    I’ve hinted several times over the past few months about a big project I’ve been working on but since Simon at The Titfield Thunderbolt book shop has let the cat out of the bag I feel now is the time to share… Read More ›