Lister. Day 3.

“32 or 45mm gauge” That’s a note in the IP Engineering website and their instructions advertising that the kit has been designed to suit either gauge track. Pretty cool. When I read that I pictured somehow that 13mm difference was… Read More ›

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  • Lister. Day 2.

    I’m building this. Finally. Making a model that’s not track. I’ve been thinking about this kit and now that I have it, I spent some time this morning comparing it to the small collection of photos I’ve been bookmarking.The instructions… Read More ›

  • Lister. Day 1.

    With so many models headed out of the house these last few weeks it was so exciting to see one headed in. My IP Engineering Lister kit arrived in yesterday’s mail and, well, I’m so excited to have it here… Read More ›

  • three friends

    That lovely engine is by James The skip is because of Jim The track because my imagination makes my hands do things when my brain is distracted Inspiration comes in many forms but feels like something I feel inside from… Read More ›

  • play trains

    I’m sure there’s others but not too many of us want to be accused of playing with trains–the pain we feel by the word “toy” is felt regardless of being said. These aren’t toys because they cost a lot of… Read More ›