six by eight

Three scenarios exist in the layout that I want to explore. My six to nine sample is based on one end of the layout and last night I worked on this. Sticking to the same six inch wide shelf and… Read More ›

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  • six to nine

    I’m a very big fan of making up little, layout agnostic, studies of work. Sometimes they’re role is to explore a way of making things that’s been on my mind and sometimes they’re a place to focus my mind when… Read More ›

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    Today I’ve just finished some notes for work and maybe it’s this nice pen I’m using or another example of my “work on computer but think on paper” style but I had all these scraps of journal entries that probably… Read More ›

  • Dégelis

    Compared to other modelmaking hobbies, we like that ours exists in a vein between static models and animation. So much of our storytelling centres around the craft aspects of the hobby. We’ll measure progress by the things we made and… Read More ›

  • 10:15 Tuesday

    Sometimes the room sounds like the kettle as it starts to warm, as tea is starting to be made, as a cat stirs in a comfortable wicker basket. Most days I’m here and the windows are my coworking colleagues. Facilitation… Read More ›