Firing up the bank

  I could be here. Here, where engines breathe clouds and spring’s rain pushes back winter’s covers, waking us to this new day and forcing slender slips of rail to breach their safe bed of earth, and be cradled by… Read More ›

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  • it never rains

    I wrote a post on Saturday updating on a jute grass study and this morning a glitch in the WordPress app blew that post and the thread attached to it into history. I didn’t delete that post. I am apologizing… Read More ›

  • 5 or 6

    Away from the layout I could waste obscene amounts of time on trivial questions like the size of turnouts. As they say: “Evidence Jim. You got any in there?” This is a photo of two paper templates from Fast Track’s… Read More ›

  • in print and on paper

    It’s almost a decade since I that first set of RSC13 sideframes landed from Shapeways. Not yesterday but that feeling, wow, I won’t ever forget it. That’s timeless. The Shapeways parts I designed came from my curiosity; I wanted to… Read More ›

  • “See you at the Queen City Express”

    We often describe ourselves, in this hobby, as “lone wolves” because our vocabulary is biased toward narrating our experience in only terms of our output, the models we make and the stuff of our collections. Exploring the broader culture of… Read More ›