Manheim: the questions

I added a tab, in the header, to group all the Manheim posts together–anything I post to the Manheim Industrial Railroad category will appear listed under there. I think that’s cool and it should be handy since I reread these… Read More ›

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  • Manheim in N or HO. How big is big?

    In yesterday’s post on the Manheim Industrial Railroad design project I moved quickly through some key design features. I mentioned how Google’s aerial imagery in both their Maps and Earth app’s was so crisp that you really could print those… Read More ›

  • Joe Gartman’s Toledo Branch…

    I know I’ve mentioned Joe Gartman’s Toledo Branch before but it’s Sunday evening and it’s just wonderful right now. I’m not ready to acknowledge the fading moments of the weekend or the “anticipation” of tomorrow’s promise. So, it’s time for… Read More ›

  • More Manheim because it’s May?

    “because it’s May?” I don’t know. As blog titles go it sounded viable when I wrote it out. Too late now. I wouldn’t even know about the Manheim Industrial Railroad if it hadn’t been for Jack Hill’s blog post about… Read More ›

  • Tea’s on

    Still following Peter’s wise lesson it’s such a good feeling to wake early, make some tea, and contemplate plan for the day. Some mornings have also provided time for a meditation and, lately, some yoga before inviting work into the… Read More ›