Getting closer to knowing where

Starting to revise the plan for the layoutSo the planning begins. I was frustrated at how long it took to develop even simple ideas using templates on my PC so I started doodling some possible layout plans.

When I started planning my layout I wanted to build a version of the famous Minories plan. I knew it would fit in the space of my first module but I was concerned that I may not get a second module built for a while and Minories needs staging. I am a really big fan of Carl Arendt’s Amalgamated Terminal layout plan but it just didn’t seem quite right for my space. One things I really liked about his plan was how well contained it was. Not only was the terminal logically designed but it contained the necessary staging. I also really liked the traffic flow in and out of the station.

Looking at the turnouts I have on hand I wanted something that blended both ideas. I’m not sure how well my scan will work out but I wanted to show the whole evolution, and there it is on the bottom of the page – my current plan for Prince Street. Now will it fit as well as I hope it will.


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