First 1/4″ building…in a long time

I’ll start by confessing that I don’t have this model any more. I did build it but I later sold it and am pleased to say that today it’s actually close to where it’s prototype stood. The prototype stood at South Portage, Ontario and was the Superintendant’s Office and also the ticket office for the Huntsville & Lake of Bays Railway & Navigation Company. The railway was also known as Portage Flyer and as it’s name implied it was a portage railway used to ferry passengers and their luggage between two lakes just outside Huntsville, Ontario.

The model is really typical for me. The medium is all recycled cardboard and paper. The model started with a set of elevations drawn by Les Torrens. I printed the elevations on my printer and laminated that printout to a sheet of old cereal box cardboard. This saved a lot of time in marking out the walls, windows and doors. The siding is all scribed and the windows were mostly all built in place. It is finished in water-based craft (“tole”) paints.

I will definitely built this again for the new layout.

Take care

Categories: PEIR Structures

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