Things have changed…but I’m doing stuff and that’s good

Yup. Start with a good long title that leaves little to the imagination. Last time I posted the rails on the table were 9mm apart and the trains were small. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’m doing with the hobby and what I want to be building. There’s no question that I want to continue in the hobby and that I’m aching for some decent scratchbuilding. Enter On30…

Yup, that’s my little On30 Bachmann Porter and yes, it’s also a testimony to my inability to apply what I know about photography to the pictures I take. Anyway… here’s some aerial shots of the layout
Overall the layout is still 12×48″. This will be the first of three modules. The theme is very northeastern along the coastline. My inspiration is coming from the Nantucket Railroad and it’s kin the Martha’s Vineyard Railroad and of course the excellent Narragansett Bay Railway & Navagation Company On30 layout. In fact, I’ll confess I want the effect they’ve already mastered.

I started in earnest a week ago today with the new sub-roadbed and roadbed. The sub-roadbed is really just a 24X48 ceiling tile ripped in half length-wise. This gives me an inch of sound deadening and will raise the track high enough to have water and some rockwork along the front of the layout. The roadbed is foamcore board. The track is all handlaid on balsa ties I cut myself. The rail is code 83 stripped from Atlas HO scale flex track. I’ve spiked it with these great little nails I bought at Micheal’s, sold as sequins. Anyway, they’re brass and I can solder to them when I’m worried that the simple pinning action of the spikes won’t be enough. I’m spiking to all the ties and I’m just starting to be glad that I’m building this layout only 48″ at a time!

I have almost all the rail in place now. There are three turnouts. Originally I intended to lay all three as traditional points, but then gave in to temptation and will build them as stub switches. As usual I’ve laid one of the rails straight through the frog for alignment purposes and will trim it out with my handy Dremel tool later. I’ll also need to add in the check rails around the frog, etc. I still don’t have any idea about what I’m going to use to throw the turnouts – the throwbar itself. In N scale I’ve been following the Fast Tracks lead and just soldering a long PC tie to the point blades. James McMillin has shown me some really nice HOn30 turnouts he’s built this way and I think it’s what I’ll do in the end.

I really need to group this post better to fit it’s subjects. I was just so excited that I wanted to share something here about this change. I’m having fun.



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