Make your own spikes

I just read this tip on Stephen Hatch’s great Railway Engineering website. Railway Engineering make track, track hardware and Colorado narrow gauge supplies. I really enjoy his website and I’ve learned so much from here – I strongly recommend it.

Today I read his article on making your own track spikes:

QUESTION: #12 Could you suggest a good source of small track spikes for code 55 rail? I have tried micro-engineering small spikes, but the head’s too large..

Actually the best is to make your own. In the evening sitting ’round the ol’ tv or where-ever. Take some 15 thousandths spring wire (.015)(usually in the K&S rack at your local hobby shop).

1. Bend a 90° angle 1/4 inch from the end.
2. put your diag cutter next to the bend away from the 1/4 inch
3. snip ….. one spike.
4. repeat …. they go real fast and you’ll have great looking spikes
and you made them yourself. (I’ve made tens of thousands of them)
They push in just like regular spikes.

Make them a little longer if your roadbed is soft.
-Stephen Hatch

I’ve been using sequins for spiking my rail, and am embarrased to say I never even thought of his simple approach. I’m going to try this and will be using these starting on module #2.

Siaconnset here we come!


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