Vintage Digby Trains

I belong to the excellent AtlanticRails YahooGroup. The list is home to some of the best discussion on railroading here in Atlantic Canada. If you’re interested, I highly recommend joining. This week brought a post to announce this great Youtube video: “Digby Trains”

I’m a fan of the Dominion Atlantic Railway and seeing this video was just excellent. I’m sure by now I’m a big number in the play count for this video. Who cares, it’s great! The footage dates between the 1950’s, early 1970’s and is a transfer from 8mm film. From my work researching the PEI railway I am always excited about how much great media exists to document local railroading. I’m also a little worried about the future for this stuff. So, enjoy while it lasts.

Speaking of the DAR, you should check out a great wiki project that has been created to celebrate that railway. SW1200rs diesels pulling the Truro mixed train into the 1970’s….does it get any better? Not for me.


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