Great Inglenook Idea

Yesterday over on the YahooGroups Maine Two Footers group Simon Leigh posted a great track plan.

I’ve been a fan of the Inglenook track plan for some time. It’s the other popular switching puzzle. I have built a timesaver and for about six years my Timesaver was my only layout, however the Timesaver’s biggest design challenge is placing it prototypically and I just couldn’t cook up an idea that felt realistic to me. The Inglenook however looks like just about anywhere. In fact, in today’s world of “rationalised” railways many terminals look like this. What I really liked in this plan was the addition of the engine facilities. If I had seen this variation before starting my own layout I would have been very tempted to have used this instead. For stock you could just use a set of cabooses, some gondolas of coal, some boxcars of sand and of courses a flaggon of forneys.

Want to know more about Inglenooks and Timesavers? Click here for Andrew Wymann’s excellent switching puzzles website. Of course Carl Arendt’s amazing micro layouts website is always worth checking out.



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