Decauville turntable

A couple of nights ago I was reading Gilbert Gribi’s excellent website. Gilbert is a Swiss modeller and his work is spectacular. It helps that much of what he choses to model are things that just tug at my modelling heart strings like nothing else.

I don’t know what drew me to this project but I came across this neat little PDF article on a turntable Gilbert built for his <a href=””>Les Mages project.

This picture is from Gilbert’s website.
turntable - Les Mages
It really is that small. On Gilbert’s layout Les Mages he was only using short Decauville steam engines and my layout will feature similar power so the table length should work out perfectly.

So far I have the deck structure built. I have built a core using 0.040″ styrene. The actual girders on the side though I will make using cardstock and brass. I like the styrene for the core, but think that detailing using cardstock and some wire will be more my speed. Plus it’s what I have on hand.


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