More inspiration

I found this great picture on the a new French blog I was reading this morning titled ModelRailway-Online. Click here to check it out.

So I’m already working on the turntable and I’ve confessed that I’m falling pretty hard for narrow gauge prototypes outside of the Americas – which frankly wasn’t too far to fall anyway. The plan I mentioned by Christopher Payne for a Dutch Tramway layout in Oe scale was designed for all paved-in trackwork and I couldn’t see installing a turntable into that. Then I saw this picture and am think ing this is the way to go.

I’ll have to sketch and post a version of where I think I’ll install this turntable but essentially I am thinking of using the central line in my current layout. Currently this lead is managed with a stub turnout which I’ll need to replace with a proper turnout. I mentioned building a new for the layout anyway, so that can go here. I sure am getting excited!



    1. Thanks. This particular scene is one I plan to incorporate in my layout as I work on it’s redesign. That turntable looks fairly short. I am guessing it’s length at around 7 metres…any ideas?

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