I’ve been browsing through the railroad pictures found on this afternoon. Not just any pictures but their extensive collections of Long Island Railroad pictures. I’ve already spoken to my love of this railroad and the way it was in the 1970’s and how I think of it when I do. In the pictures I was browsing through I found these three and wanted to share them here.

These are pictures of one of the busiest railways in North America and at this time, in the 1970’s, the line was undergoing some major challenges: not enough funding, aging infrastructure and pressure from other forms of transportation. You can see their need to present themselves as current in the paint schemes. What I love is the age of the equipment and the service it was still providing. It’s that sense of determination that would be so great to attempt to model someday.

I’m still looking for pictures of LIRR RS1’s in passenger service and ideally into the 1970’s. By this time I think they were all pressed into to freight and maintenance services but there must be a picture somewhere of them in service on a passenger train. Perhaps just towing The Scoot?


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