RS-1’s and the Greenport Scoot

I’ve been looking for these pictures for some time now and tonight I finally found some. I was so excited that I wanted to share them here. What I was looking for were shots of Long Island RS-1’s in passenger service into the 1970’s and I’m quite pleased with what I found.

Okay, it’s an RS-3 but otherwise this is the sort of picture I was after:

RS-3 on Greenport Scoot - April, 1977 by Dave Keller

Much earlier time period but check it out:

RS-1 at Babylon, NY in 1957 - J. P Krzenski photo

This is exactly what I wanted to find:

RS-1 at Greenport, NY - August 1972

Given that there seems to be a number of reasonably priced Atlas RS-1’s on the secondhand market lately I feel a little more confident buying some for re-painting into the blue and yellow MTA Long Island colours and placing them in passenger service.


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