Ghosts of layouts past

Can’t sleep so up browsing the web and, yes, still searching for the Microscale decals. I remembered that I hadn’t been on Carl Arendt’s excellent Micro-Layouts website in a while. Turns out it was longer than I thought and I was pleased to see to Scrapbooks published since I was last there. Carl publishes these Scrapbooks of small layout ideas every month and sometime mid-month too.

The subject for the September mid-month Scrapbook was Traction and at the bottom of the page is a project that I still have based on Hiroden Hiroshima tramway station in Japan. Thanks to Carl’s embedding the Youtube video below into the Scrapbook I sat back and enjoyed the video again.

I still really enjoy watching how the cars flow into and out of that tiny little stub station. It really would make for a super neat little layout. Most of the trams are available. The trackwork might be tricky but should still be possible. I’ll also confess to having planned this little layout out using Tomix’s excellent Fine Track. I think you could do it. I certainly tried in a space of about one square foot.

For reference I’ve also added a picture formatted from a Googlemap of the area describing the track layout fairly accurately.


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