Railfanning in Montreal

On the 4th I had a really great chance to railfan in Montreal on the way home from work (slightly different commute for me that time – I was travelling home to Charlottetown from Ottawa, but anyway). I had the great opportunity to make a new friend beforehand and thanks are definitely owed to Roman for really making this event work. “Thanks!”

Here’s a quick gallery of what I photographed.

Most of our time was spent out at Montreal West. We arrived just after four o’clock. I have never seen as many trains in one location in my life. Some of the traffic was actual trains heading out of Lucien l’Allier but most of the action was comprised of trains being “dead-headed” back into the station for the evening’s service. I think the longest wait between trains was about ten minutes.

I can’t think of much we missed from AMT’s very eclectic roster. The highlight from the afternoon was a set of former GO Transit single-level cars being pushed by a former GO F59PH. I was under the impression that the entire fleet of former GO cars (“GO Karts”) had been withdrawn with the arrival of AMT’s newest coaches but one set was in service on the Candiac train. I first saw them on my train as I rolled into LuLa in the morning and later they rolled by Montreal West. I really wanted to see the last GP9 but it is in storage and unlikely to return to service. Boy it sure would have been cool though. The other star was the GP40FH that AMT is leasing from NJ Transit.

GP40FH on New Jersey Transit train 53 to Port Jervis - Adam E. Moreira picture

I have to borrow a picture from Wikimedia to illustrate this monster as I managed to mess up every picture I shot in person. The prototype is a rebuilt GP40 using the hood from an F45 and it looks as strange in person. Boy I sure like them.


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