Available decals for N scale commuter modelers

My big research project lately has been documenting the first ten to twenty years of GO Transit’s operations with a slant toward the model railroader. I was able to locate contact info for the folks at Kaslo Shops and have talked to them about their F59 kit. They are out of stock on the kit but are interested in producing another run and I’m down for at least one of the Phase 1 versions. This brings about the question of decals for folks, who like me, are interested in modeling commuter rail operations in N scale. I realize that this is probably a tiny market but I don’t think I’m alone. Heck, Athearn had to be thinking about someone when they released their F59PHI model right?

I figured I’d start a new category for my posts here to collect information that might be interesting to modelers interested in this topic. I figured I’d start by noting all the decal or dry transfer sets that could be used for modeling. I will note these as well in the database I am building for this topic and looking forward to seeing how close you could get to modeling one commuter railroad or another. I’ll try and keep the posts product specific, so one post per decal sheet should do and I’ll try and keep them linked back to where I found them.



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