Rye & Camber coach in 3mm scale

I had to try this out after having spent a lot of years wondering how it would look.

Forgive that it’s shot on my computer desk with no regard to lighting, etc. I built this based on the drawings from Laurie Cooksey’s excellent book on the Rye & Camber tramway. The prototype was the second coach on the Tramway (one of only two that ever served the line). I’ve built models in 3mm scale before with a view toward narrow gauge on 9mm gauge track. In this case the combination works quite well for modeling the prototypes 3′-0″ gauge track.

I had intended to use a pair of modified Bachmann trucks under it but they actually work out too wide. Their extra width being a product of wide wheel treads in a heavily engineered sideframe. I built my coach shell to exact scale width. I could widen it out a little to work better with the truck. Ironically the extra width necessary to make it work out almost perfectly if I built a coach to 4mm scale. Guess sometimes all roads lead to OO9 eh?!

To finish the above I need to install the louvres above the windows, finish shaping the ends and add a roof. Then there’s the details, etc.

With any luck this link will take you a picture of the prototype in service. Charming scene I think.




  1. Hi there. In the last weeks I have become very excited about trolleys & trams. I have been working in O narrow gauge modeling for years & only recently pulled out my Bachmann on30 trolley & got revived in its elegant simple lines AND the go ahead to build a shelf layout showing off trolleys & architechture of some old metropolis. I guess I love the idea of building several different tram bodies in cardstock since I have stumbled on Bill Everett’s layout & some 5000 trolleys models he has built over 40 some yrs. Would you have any PDF’s that are car body drawings? If so, please send them along. I would love “anything”. Next question is, do you have any clues on where I might find a wealth of trolley drawings/design blueprints that I can use as reference for building?
    Thanks for your time & I’m happy to have found your very useful site to give me a tide of info.

    1. I’m sure that over the years I have drawn some cars that I should post on here. I’ll start digging around in my files and I’ll post them to the blog as I go.

      I have also found a large number of card and paper modeling sites over the years. I’ll try and get some posts on that put together as well.


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