coach build started

Yesterday I started on the coach project. I only had a few minutes so not too much accomplished. I did get one side cut and laid out and thought I’d share some of my observations so far.

    The drawings

My drawing of the coach was based on what I could find out about the prototype and some other models I have seen online including a great kit and set of drawings on Chris Veitch’s website. Chris has a very nice line of Ffestiniog stock available at very reasonable prices. If I get much deeper into this Ffestiniog kick I may order some of his kits to have.

In retrospect I wish I had drawn my plans around the use of the styrene strip sizes I was actually going to use. The window sashes I drew work quite well but are a slight bit wider than the stock I used so I have had to guess at their placement by trying to centre my strips over the posts drawn. No big deal but this is something I could have anticipated and would keep in mind for the next set of drawings.

    Final Assembly

I’ve always built models from the roof down. Once I have the sides done I typically get a roof fixed and then attach the sides and ends directly, and permanently, to that. I make my floors removeable. These little coaches have curved ends. Finding a way to get a former that will work for them to keep their shape while still permitting a removeable floor may turn out to be quite a challenge.

    Whither OO9?

This is going to be an ongoing reflection while I pick away at this project. I’m really not interested in fussing with 9mm gauge models trying to get them to operate smoothly. Knowing that my operating interests have shifted to 16.5mm gauge models may, in the end, completely undermine the success of this build. It’s an interesting quandry to be immersed in as I really enjoy the challenge of making small models but I am hoping to run them on something…someday. Perhaps I need to try a better small steam chassis. I’ve heard great things about a Fleischmann 0-4-0 and may order one just to see.


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