One side done and another under way

I’m home today and thought I’d take an hour and work on the coach for a little bit. Though I drew this coach in two scales I am building it in 4mm scale as a OO9 model. The first side is all but done, save for details like handles and the like. I have also started a second side and also a sub-roof.

I have thought up some of the ways I’d like to go about building up the prototype’s curved ends but haven’t settled on any yet. The corner of the sides gives me a wonderful 0.040″ (1mm) to play with so I am tempted to try building a strongback similar to how we’d make a canoe. Basically a slab of styrene with ribs over which I would lay a thin (0.005″) skin and micro-strip for the details. I’m having a lot of fun with this. It’s fun to think about what coach to try next from the Ffestiniog’s roster. I’d like to try my hand at the 3rd class quarryman’s coaches next. I have drawings already so the hard part feels like it’s already done. I’m in no rush. I’ll get this done first.


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