Lake of Bays Railway South Portage Station plans


I was looking at a picture of the recently released BCH Minitrains HOn30 0-4-0 model. It’s a really nice looking and very nice running (from what I’ve heard) model and it’s hard to overlook it’s similarity to the last engine that ran on the Portage Flyer.

I found some CAD drawings I did of the Hunstville and Lake of Bays Railway station this morning and thought I’d post them here to share. Click on this link and a set of them drawn in 1/87 scale should pop up as a PDF you can save, print off or whatever.

The prototype was the world headquarters for the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway and Navigation Company. I’ve already built this building twice. Once a long time ago as a 3mm scale model for use in a planned 1/120 narrow gauge layout. Later I built it again in 1/48 scale. The 1/48 version is actually in Ontario now in someone’s collection. I have a bad feeling about what happened to the 1/120 one which is a pity as I really believe that 1/120 on 9mm gauge track has got to be one of the greatest secrets in small space narrow gauge modelling. That’s a tangent for another day I guess. I still have some Rio Grande rolling stock I built in this scale and should post pics of that sometime here.

To close, here’s some pictures of the 1/48 scale version of this station that started this post in the first place.

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