Portage Flyer Large Box Car Drawing

The Portage Flyer had two box cars used for carrying luggage, etc. between it’s two stations. Both cars were homebuilt and neither ever had doors, glass in the windows. They had brakes on only one truck and the couplers were the Flyer’s own variation on a link-and-pin coupler.

I have seen pictures of the resin kits that Narrow Tracks and Trains used to offer and Les Torrens has drawn the flat cars but I’ve never seen drawings for either of the large box cars. Based on some pictures from Niall MacKay’s excellent book on the line and the dimensions I know from the flat cars I have drawn up a set of my own plans for the car.

Click here to download a copy of the drawing. The sheet contains the car drawn in O scale (1/48), HO scale (1/87) and TT (1/120). In my mind 1/120 would be a superb scale to model the line in. There was little rolling stock and in TT you could use N scale track which would come out very close to the prototype’s 42″ gauge.


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