E.B. Eddy Box Cars – new drawing

Yesterday I posted about the great video I found on Youtube of the Portage Flyer. If I remember the correct place in the film, around 3:47, there is a really great still shot of one of the original Porter locomotives parked at North Portage station. On the ground, to the right of the engine, is one of the E.B. Eddy box car bodies. My guess is that this dates the picture when the line was on it’s second generation of rolling stock (the open air coaches and longer box cars).

For the opening of the line it’s builders purchased, second hand from E.B. Eddy, two Porter 0-4-0 tank engines and a pair of little four-wheel boxcars. Since it would be a little while before the first of the trolley bodies would appear on the railway for use as coaches I assume that during these early operations the railway concerned itself mainly with hauling baggage across between the lakes. Based on a photograph in Niall MacKay’s book and the picture from the video I sat down this afternoon and worked up my first pass at a set of drawings for these boxcars. Niall’s book indicates that the cars measured 12′-6″ x 5′-0″ in size. By using some manual drafting techiques I was able to measure based on the views from the pictures (sort of reverse-engineering a perspective technique – more alchemy than art!)

Here’s a picture of the drawing I’ve got so far.

I’ve also uploaded a copy of this drawing in three scales:

  • 1/48 for O scale (On30 maybe)
  • 1/87 for HO scale (HOn30 – likely what I’ll build mine in)
  • 1/120 for TT scale (an ideal scale/gauge combination and something I’ve dabbled in before).

Click here to download a PDF of the drawing


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