Switch stand design

I was studying a picture taken at South Portage and noticed the design of the switch stand. I’ve seen these before and they are usually in shots taken of railways dated from the late 19th century. I started to think about how one would model it and that it might be a really robust design in 1/4″ scale for On30 use. Based on the supply of K&S metal I have here now I started a drawing to help me visualize how to build the stand.

The linkage from the stand to the turnout is just a run of straight brass rod, likely with a kink folded into it to help “hold” the rails in position. For locking motion I think I’ll borrow on Stephen Hatch’s excellent design idea of an under-table spring. I’ve seen a similar design in use on the Narragansett club’s layout and was really impressed with both it’s simplicity and intuitive design ethic.

As always, click here to download a PDF of what I’ve drawn so far. I will evolve this design further and post more as I get something built.


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