Form 660 Taking Effect October 27, 1992

CN Great Lakes Region Form 660

This arrived in today’s mail from a railroad memorabilia dealer in Chicago. I have been slowly increasing my collection of GO Transit paperwork and this is my latest find. While not a full employee timetable it is more of a schedule. What it really excels at illustrating though is how trains moved over the GO Transit network during a typical week. By 1992 GO was operating over several different routes and service was getting fairly intense. I’ve only had this booklet in my hands for a couple of hours but I can already see more about where on the network GO would stage trains and how they moved them over the line. In addition to stops and times, the book also includes siding lengths and priorities for each train. For an example of what you can see in one of these books I thought I’d grab this scan I have of the very first one of these books that GO produced, way back in 1967 when they first started operating.
Form 660 from 1967
In 1967 there were only two routes in service: Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West. “East” went from Toronto Union out to Oshawa and “West” went down to Hamilton. Times shown here would correspond directly with those that customers would have seen on timetables at the time.

I think it’s neat stuff and it really illustrates how trains moved over their lines. I keep trying to correlate all of this neat trivia and focus it toward a layout designed around these operations.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Would it be possible for you to scan a few pages from your 1992 CN/GO Transit Form 660 and email them to me? I’m modelling Georgetown in the 1987-1993 era and I’m trying to understand the Guelph service a little better…


    1. Good morning. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier.

      I like the subject you’ve chosen for your layout. It should make a terrific layout. It sounds like some GO will be a part of the operating plan. What are you hoping to incorporate?

      I’ll dig out the 660 and get it scanned for you.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thanks in advance for scanning the Form 660. Is there a way to email you directly? One of my goals with the layout is to mimic GO and VIA schedules through town using a 4:1 or 6:1 clock. I already have CN timetables (which show GO, VIA & equipment moves) for 1974, 1982 & 1987. I just got the 1990 & 1992 CN timetables a few weeks ago and was caught off guard because the GO movements were no longer listed. There was just a reference to look at the Form 660.



      2. Sorry (again!) for not replying sooner. I have the form but my scanner isn’t working at the moment. I can and will be able to fix it (hardware issue) and when that’s done can send a digital copy to you. Unfortunately that won’t be until later on in August.

        If you wish, I can send you a paper copy of the form. Let me know what works best for you.

        Sorry again.

      3. Hi Chris,

        No need for apologies, it is summer after all. If it is easier to photocopy and mail the form, I’m happy to send you a cheque.

        Is there a way to email you directly, by the way?



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