GO Transit #720-726

Having just posted about the “one that got away” I figured maybe some more background on the prototype might be in order. The prototype for the Hobbycraft/Atlas N scale GP40 was a series of diesels GO Transit purchased from Chrome Crankshaft Ltd. who had purchased them from the then just recently bankrupted Rock Island Railroad. Before their collapse the Rock Island had started rebuilding their fleet of GP40’s to the dash-2 standard and they were part way through their rebuilding program when then railroad folded into history.

Meanwhile up in Ontario GO Transit was expanding rapidly and in need of power. These Geep’s quickly found their way north. Lacking HEP capabilities they needed help from a power plant to provide power for the train itself. Most of the time this was provided in the form of GO’s APCU and APU fleet. They lasted to the mid-nineties and were traded in on an order for GO’s F59ph fleet.

There’s an excellent article on the prototype over on the Canadian Public Transit Forum wiki, click here to check it out.


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