Neat article

I came across this announcement and thought I’d share it here.

GO Transit is expanding its fleet with a $125-million purchase of 50 coaches

Given my earlier reflections on GO Transit’s fascinating early years this is really good news. The article counts the total GO coach fleet at 565 cars. What’s even more amazing is how it compares to VIA’s fleet. This table on Wikipedia counts VIA’s complete passenger equipment fleet at 456 cars, which includes about sixty baggage cars. Furthermore GO’s fleet is new. The oldest coaches in GO’s fleet were built in 1976 and most have been reconditioned at least once in their lifetime. VIA? 1954 for much of the fleet. Again, some very wonderful maintenance is performed on the VIA fleet. Clearly there is potential for success in a publicly operated rail passenger service and it’s much better news to read about GO’s plans for more rail cars, their huge locomotive replacements of late and their work on extending the reach still further east to Peterborough. I only wish I was reading the same exciting news from VIA I guess.



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