Building GO Transit by Wilfred Sergeant

Click the cover picture to read the book

I’ve read this a couple of times and I recommend it to anyone who’d like to learn more about the Agency itself or really anyone whose interested in what the first days, weeks, months and years are like when you are starting a railroad company. I blogged earlier about the success story that I consider GO to be and how proud I am of it and it’s operations so I’ve really enjoyed clicking my way through this book.

I’m not quite sure if this was ever published to real paper and I’ve been looking through and the like trying to find it. No luck so far.

I really enjoyed the section describing what it was like to plan the actual movement of GO’s trains through the already busy rail network around downtown Toronto and it was really neat to read about their scramble to find more rail cars when it turned out the service was actually more popular than they had predicted.

Anyway. Take a look.

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