Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway

In June 2007 I had a chance to spend just short of a week in Winnipeg. I had known about the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway and wanted to make sure to find the time to visit the railway. After some detective work I was able to find contact information for the railway. I couldn’t have asked for a more gracious welcome. On arriving at the railway’s offices I was greeted by my tour guide – the railway’s chief mechanic and I was led on a really great tour of the yard.

The railway was then, and still is, a fascinating operating museum. With no real active interchange they make do with a large fleet of very old rolling stock. I took some photos and the other night while doing some housekeeping on my computer I found some. I figured I’d post a gallery here to share them.

The railway would be an excellent subject for a model line. The equipment is all short and packed with character. The current motive power are former CP S-13’s though before these the line’s power was all 44 tonners – man what I’d give for a time machine!

Everything I have photographed was “operational”. Most trains run on the line are run to deliver supplies, equipment and workers.

If you ever have a chance to visit I strongly recommend the trip.


  1. I was an engineer on the GWWD railway 1950’s. I still have found memories of the GWWD.
    Hired by N.S. Bubbis, George Mc Fadden and other staff.

    1. Good evening. I’m really sorry that I missed your comment earlier. Thanks for the note.

      I had long wanted to visit the GWWD and I’m ever so happy to share that my visit to the railway was among the best I’ve ever had. I was greated by people that were really proud of their railway and the role it played. I was lucky enough to receive an incredible tour.

      A friend of mine recently updated that the railway is still operating today and still a real compliment to the City. I hope someday to make it back to Winnipeg to catch up again.


      1. Thanks for your reply. I am pleased that your tour of the GWWD was a enjoyable. In the early days the GWWD address was Archabald St. St. Boniface. The railway has just started to convert from steam to diesel electric. We had 1 steam engine and had just required our 1st. 44 ton GE locomotive. That same summer we aquired a 2nd used GE unit . In our shop where just finishing converting a Mack car to simulate an American Flyer locomotive. This unit was assigned to passenger service between St. Boniface and Waugh. These where great time at the GWWD. I was suprised on a visit to High River Alberta to find these unit along with the passenger, flat car and a GE locomotive in a fenced compound. Being a week-end everything
        was closed and I was unable why and how they aquired them.
        Thanks for your reply.

      2. Good afternoon. My apologies, again, for the delay in my reply.

        That’s an interesting find about the static display GWWD train. There’s some great overlap between the GWWD and my own, native, Prince Edward Island. One of the GWWD 44 tonners was formerly CN #7751. This 44 tonner was among the first diesels in use on PEI and worked on the Murray Harbour branch out of Charlottetown. Today this engine is part of the Port Stanley Terminal Railway collection where it is still operating.

        Small world eh?!

    2. Barrie, I just came across this site. My father was Tom Hart, who was at the GWWD station from the 50’s to the 70’s. He was the station agent for many of those years. I myself have many fond memories of those days. See a short video of some of my dad’s GWWD memories Do you recall a 44 tonner in the late 50’s with the paint scheme reversed? I’m trying to figure out the number.


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