Some wiring and running test trains

This afternoon brought some time to spend on my own model railway and I have made some useful progress. I’ve now made a nicer job of assembling the new throttle and transformer. I still have a long way to go wiring the little station but I’m content with where I’m at right now. Each siding has it’s own feeders soldered to the track and dropped through the sub-roadbed to tie to a main bus. Currently I’ve only got a set of jumpers serving as a main bus wire pair and looking at what I’ve got right now I need to get tidying the wiring back onto the “keep at it” list.

In working on the layout this afternoon I also noticed that my attempts at lightweight framing fell just a tiny bit short of durable so I have added some extra framing sections along the inside of the benchwork to really tighten things up nicely. I’ve been really hesitant to build my usual benchwork style on this layout until I figure out how I want to throw the turnouts, etc. as it seems every past layout has been burdened with the proverbial turnout over a stringer issue. I had hoped to solve this dilemna by completing the reinforcement of the benchwork as progress continued. I think I’m there now on both fronts and feel like I can say the benchwork is now done. Fascia and backdrop are still outstanding but aren’t really structural so I’m okay leaving them out of this scope.

I spent some enjoyable time running more trains today. Most movements today have been using a pair of Pennsylvania coaches and some RS-3’s I could unearth. I had the GP40 out too but with so little passenger stock with Microtrains couplers it had little to do.

I really believe that there’s no greater test of one’s to-do list than running a train over your trackwork and I can see some elements of my list moving to more prominent positions on said list:
* Get out some Microtrains couplers and convert more coaches to support more diversity in motive power and to get closer to running the types of trains I want to be able to run.
* Figure out even a temporary solution to actuating the Atlas turnouts I’ve used for this layout. I need something like Peco’s classic off-centre spring. I want something to use those working switchstands I’ve been assembling.
* Finish the wiring or at least make it more presentable.
* Run more trains.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to focus my attention enough to make some useful headway on the above. There’s nothing there too complicated – but I’m the most befuddled with the switchstands so far.

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