New N scale tramcar from Tomy

Iyo Railway Tram Type Moha2000

I borrowed the above picture from HobbySearch Japan’s website. I just received an email from them to let me know that this little tramcar that I had reserved quite some time ago has arrived. My interest in N scale trolleys is hard to hide and the second this was available to reserve I placed my order. The model itself isn’t powered but Tomix have made a chassis for the car. I’ve owned a number of Tomix/Tomytec chassis over the years and really like them. Smooth running and slow.

Tomytec have released a number of traction items for N scale over the years in their Railway Collection but this is the first legit streetcar model and if I understand correctly there are more to come. I’m really looking forward to a more scale wheelbase truck with nice small-diameter wheels. The closest we’ve ever had to a model like this in N is Bachmann’s Brill Trolley. I can’t wait to see how this model will compare.

It’s in the mail. I can’t wait to see it.


One comment

  1. The mechanism for these cars is rather nice, the wheelbase can be adjusted to suit different cars, and it has three types of truck sideframes included. Mine have been trundling round an oval of track for a while now, and they run well indeed.

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