More N scale switchstand and ground throw ideas

I’m still really struggling with settling on a method to actuate the turnouts on my layout. I’ve been trolling around the internet, almost obsessively now, looking to see what other modellers are using. One of the most popular ideas I’ve seen lately has been to mount a micro slide switch (either DPDT or SPDT, doesn’t seem to matter) and simply run a length of piano wire out to the turnout.

One idea that I’m really becoming a fan of lately though is to simply rely on some friction to hold the blades closed. I just finished reading this blog post:

In this case the author was using Micro Engineering turnouts. These turnouts come package with a nice white metal casting of a ground throw. Essentially this casting is attached to a short length of wire and the lot is tie to the turnout’s throw bar. When installed on the switch ties the intent to let the ground throw fit tight enough so that it doesn’t slide without some friction. That same friction is used to “hold” the turnout in place. This isn’t the first time I have read about this idea. The first time I read about it was on Dan Crowley’s website. Dan coupled the friction idea with a neat way to build the ground throw itself. He used some craft parts aimed at the earing-making hobby. Check out Dan’s posting here:

I’m going to give these ideas a try tonight and, either way, I’ll report back on what I thought. There must be a way to do this without resorting to something terribly complicated. After all, I only have to move the point blades about 1.2mm.

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