Build an outhouse

I know some of us are in the dumps (pun intended) and have not build anything in some time.

Here is a small challenge due by the end of June.

Build an outhouse, any size, any material, you can use a kit or scratch build. Just get off the pot and do something.

Feel free to detail the inside, just try to keep it PG 14.

Is how the competition was announced by BigLars over on the Railroad Line forums. I have been a member of the forum for a while and post occasionally when I get some On30 items finished. The forum has had build competitions before and I’ve entered a few already and have had a great time. It’s nice to have a deadline sometimes to force me to actually finish something. So this one is for an outhouse.

I found this picture in Wikipedia:

Water view...check.

Water view...check.

I’ve also found some basic dimensions too:

Click here to follow along on the build thread:

I’m supposed to be working on a 70 tonner in HO scale at the moment but whose counting?


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