Three trams go on the micro layout トミーテックポー トラムDCC続行運転

While I’m at it and still waiting for a report to run I figured I’d post another track plan I really like. Granted this is a video made on the floor but I think this simple track arrangement has a lot of merit for urban scenery. I imagine a tram terminal covering the two stub sidings and then taller buildings throughout the layout used as view blocks to look around and through.

Operationally I see treating the single terminal ad two by alternating its “name” at each “end” of the trip. The challenge here being in how you thread the trans around each other during a typical operating session.



  1. I’d suggest reversing one of the branches. That way a tram can leave one, do some circuits (perhaps with an intermediate stop), and terminate at the other without reversing direction. With some sections or DCC it may be possible to run several trams, but then a passing loop may be required!

    1. I was wondering about building a second loop inside the first and basically extending that long siding in the inner loop to track around the complete loop in a sort of folded figure eight configuration but still ultimately terminating at a stub siding. I think DCC has tremendous potential for the tram modeller as it brings with it both a constant high voltage to the wires and the rails (both of which are great for running) and also to bring more cars onto a layout without setting a lot of block sections. Looking at the prototype line that Tomix’s Portam series is based on: the line is mostly single-tracked with a few passing sidings and I wonder if the answer for the traditional DC modeller, like myself, would be to use the passing sidings to hold the cars and to help route power as well. Thanks for the note.

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