Tomix Fine Mini Points in AutoCAD

Seriously, that’s the name for these turnouts. Tomix created these 140mm radius points in the Fine Track line recently and they’ve become quite popular. The layouts I posted earlier used Fine Track in their construction and to help me understand the size of these layouts I opened up AutoCAD to draw some templates. I figured I could use those templates to quickly build up digital copies of these layouts and figure how little space I’d need.

I just finished my turnout templates and thought I’d share them here.

The radius is 140mm and they replace one 30 degree section of 140mm curved track. The straight section is actually 72.5mm in length and my rounded dimensions dropped the decimal.

Since you can’t upload dwg files to WordPress I can’t post a copy of the dwg file here to this blog post. If you leave a comment below I can email you a copy of the drawings directly. Sorry for the extra steps.


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