Portram v3 and v4

I think these are the last variations on the elegant theme that I started with. This first one widens the layout and adds a crossover at Station “A” and is inspired by Century Park on Edmonton’s LRT. The prototype Century Park has a full double-crossover in place to really maximize the number of trains that can be moved in and out of the station and the routes they can arrive and leave on. Century Park also has a third track just before the station that can be used as a storage track for an out of service train set. I didn’t bring a camera with me to Edmonton when I went last fall but I found this picture on Wikipedia of the station. To simplify layout building you could take another queue from Edmonton and have the whole line on a private right of way.

Having drawn out, what I consider to be the furthest variation from the original concept without getting too complex, I started to think about the whole lot as an exercise in linear planning. I’m still with the closely placed stops and number of stations. This layout would work with several trains at once so naturally should work quite well if DCC was an option.


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