Murray River Station today

The June Model Railroader has an excellent article by Steve Hunter on the PEI railway. In fact it’s on a branch of the railway that I’m especially fond of – the Murray Harbour branch. In an online extra at you can download a set of drawings of a typical PEI Railway station. A number of these stations were built on PEI and the one in Murray River is almost still in the right place. I don’t know when it was moved to it’s current location but it was moved to become an addition to the grocery store in Murray River. The grocery store itself is long since closed and has been for sale forever. I have been trying to drive around the Island, when I have time, to try and photograph as much of what is left as I can. On October 14th back in 2007 I grabbed some photographs of the Murray River station. I figured I’d share a picture here.

It doesn’t look like much today but that neglect has allowed many of the building’s original details to remain for research and details. All the siding was still in place and those large eave brackets were all still there. I’ve never been in the building the station is attached to but a call to the realtor might make that happen – I’m sure once you explain your interest the rest could take care of itself. The building itself is very easily accessible from a number of public roads and is easily visible PEI Railway Trail.

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