In person with Rapido Trains “The Canadian”

Just getting back now and settling in at the house after a really great day trip over to Moncton for the Rapido Trains show-and-tell for their upcoming release of The Canadian.

The models are amazing. The detail is incredible. These are the first diesels I have ever seen that include full underbody details. There’s little doubt left in my mind that these are worth every penny of their asking price. Check out Don’s HO Service to order yours today while some sets are still available. Thanks John Richard for posting the video to Youtube. Follow along with the tour blog here by clicking here: Check out that great looking guy in the red sweater…at least I look like I could be thinking something intelligent…

Now, it’s so hard to look at those perfect CP FP’s today and not think about how great they’d look in this, my favourite engines for all time.



  1. Thanks for posting, Chris. The consist looks great. On Jason’s blog, in the photo perhaps you’re thinking “Why is the 6505 on its back in foam, looking like a beetle on its back?”
    or “Sure hope these portable table’s legs hold up”.


    1. Ha Eric you could be on to something. As I watched those CP FP7’s rolling back and forth I just kept thinking again and again how great these would look in the STCUM colours. Heck even multimarked CP would work. I’ve never had much luck with HO as a modelling scale but watching and then listening to these models I could really see them playing a starring role in a layout based on the operations in and out of Lucien l’Allier set in the early 1980’s.

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