Hazelbrook Station: 1935 Letter

While at the PEI Provincial Archives today I came across #3466-HF-72-21 which is a letter written on behalf on shippers using the Hazelbrook station to the Government requesting a telephone be installed in the station. The letter spoke about how this matter would be further researched but also noted the extreme cost associated with the installation of such an appliance. The letter was dated from 1935 and Hazelbrook would have been relatively busy with rail traffic along the Murray Harbour subdivision and this would have been the preferred way to interact with Charlottetown.

I found the letter by accident. I thought I was browsing through an index of photographs and I was excited to have found one of Hazelbrook taken in 1935. While I was dissappointed to find that I hadn’t discovered what I had it was fun to read an original letter written about the railway.

I’m keying this blog entry on my iPod using a free wireless connection so it’s quite a stretch from a time when this request for something so extravegant as the telephone. As I key this it is occuring to me that at this time the railway through Hazelbrook was still narrow gauge. I’m currently trying to focus my research on this area to the early 1950’s time period but this kind of discovery really makes me think more about moving my focus back further still.

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