CN Charlottetown – August 25, 1989

Observed at the Charlottetown wye and yards. Note that by this time it was rare that trains ventured deep into the Charlottetown yard. Most came only as far as the wye to turn and leave town for the return trip to Borden and the mainland.

RSC-14 #1757 this was my favourite of all the RSC-14’s.
CNR 50′-0″ flatcars (x2) these were the idler flat cars from the Borden ferry terminal. Near the end of operatinos these frequently were part of the train – CN wouldn’t run the train with less than five cars so the local crews always made sure they had at least the five using what was available in Borden and that usually meant using both the idler flat cars and the pair of blue tank cars used for fueling the ferrys.
CN 50′-0″ gondola this was likely bound for A&S scrap metal located on MacAleer Drive in Charlottetown. This scrapyard is still there today.
CN van #79862

RSC-14 #1757 from the inbound train
CN 50′-0″ flat cars from the inbound train
CN 50′-0″ gondola from the inbound train
CGTX tank car x1 Propane cars. Often several would arrive at once and be stored in Charlottetown yard to be moved to Superior Propane on Allen Street as needed.
CHEMCO tank car same note as for the CGTX car above
CN van #79862


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