CN Charlottetown – August 31, 1989

Observed at the Charlottetown wye and yards.

RSC-14 #1759
CN van #79824

RSC-14 #1759
2x CN 50′-0″ flat cars idler flats from the inbound train
1x CETX propane car
1x CN 50′-0″ combination door box car (plug plus sliding)
CN van #79824
Light train with no cars – just the engines and the van.

As I key in this entry I was thinking about that box car. I noted it’s arrival in Charlottetown earlier on the 29th. It would have sat in the yard in Charlottetown before being moved outbound. I never did figure out where it was headed and why it wouldn’t have been moved to it’s ultimate destination in the first place. The propane cars were different. Bringing them across on the ferry required special handling work so it made a lot of sense, to me, to bring across as many as possible and just store them close to wherever they were needed. Superior could only handle one car at a time so holding the extra loaded cars in Charlottetown made sense. By 1989 the only destination for a boxcar would have been the Atlantic Wholesalers warehouse on the Brackeley Point Road on the line to Mount Stewart, just past Royalty Junction. Their siding was huge and they could handle a couple of cars at one time. Of course I’ve just remembered that Deblois Brothers next to the Charlottetown Mall still received the occasional carload too. Any ideas?

This same train actually was involved in PEI’s last rail-related accident when the entire lot derailed on it’s way back to Borden. Only the engine remained on the track and CN ultimately wound up bringing over a variety of their own clean-up equipment to assist. I have pictures taken during the clean-up. I’ll dig them out and get them scanned in soon. When I do I’ll be able to edit this post with the car numbers as well. Note that the loaded propane car that left Charlottetown in this “outbound” movement would be dropped at Superior and the car involved in the derailment was an empty that had just been pulled from Superior.


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