1974 Complete List of Sidings on PEI

Okay, so I’m still digging around looking for my copy of Allan Graham’s book. I’m still pretty sure I’ve gone and lost it but I keep finding small stashes of paper too which leads me to believe that (A) I am more of a pack-rat than even I thought I was and (B) that book just might still be hiding somewhere. Gosh I hope (B) works out.

Anyway I found an envelope and inside I found this document.

At the time of the letter’s writing CN were implementing a major re-numbering of all their sidings. Based on the acronyms in the letter it looks like they were starting to implement an electronic records management system. Attached to the letter is a stack of legal-sized sheets of paper with basically every siding located on PEI, by location. As posting text to the blog is easier than posting images and PDF scans I will transcribe the list and post that.

This should provide a pretty interesting snapshot of what operations were possible in 1974. This is another piece of the puzzle and in 1974 the Island was still all RSC-13’s and 70 tonners.

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