Brill model 55 railcar in N scale? Response from GHB

I emailed George at GHB International earlier today to ask whether or not he had ever produced a model 55 railcar in N scale. So while there’s no possibility of just buying one in N he did have one once in HO so we can add that to the earlier list of ones available for HO scale. For what it’s worth, of the three HO scale options George’s would be my choice.

The model 250 he is referring to is quite similar to the “doodlebug” Bachmann have offered in HO and N scale. While similar to the model 55 I’m looking for it’s significantly different to be not close enough.


Hi Chris,

GHB did not make the Brill 55 in N scale. It was made in HO. However, GHB did make a Brill 250 gas electric in N scale. I don’t have anymore but sometimes they turn up sale in various places. Sorry, I can’t help.

George Barsky
GHB International

6 thoughts on “Brill model 55 railcar in N scale? Response from GHB

  1. G’day

    Thanks for the above. I too had come across reference to “the GHB Brill 55” – this saves me looking any further!

    Do you know if anyone has in fact produced a model of the Brill 55 RailCar? Given how many of them there were, I’m a little surprised I can’t find one …

    1. Hello Geoff. I’m sure there was one available in HO scale in brass that had been imported by either NWSL or Nickel Plate Products but can’t find a reference to either model.

      A quick search of eBay shows one on that closed. This is the GHB model in HO scale:

      There is an etched brass kit availabel in HO scale from the Model Railroad Warehouse. They seem keen to re-scale their kits into other scales like HO and S so this may be an option too. For the money, it’s the option I’d be most interestd in trying.

      I hope this helps.

      1. G’day

        Hadn’t seen the others, but I was aleady aware of the MRR Warehouse Kit. $99.95, and it has a good reputation. They list other scales that are ‘planned’ for the future … like O, S and F, but N is notable in its absence.

        The question is therefore, how many modellers would be interested in an N-scale version of the Brill 55?

      2. Good morning Geoff

        I forgot one more model, the one from MTS Imports. This brass HO scale version is still readily available in and around $400(USD).

        I think there is a market for one in N. I think it would appeal to the same people who bought Bachmann’s 44 tonner and this railcar would have been found in many of the same places.

        If one were produced in N I think the manufacturer should be aiming to produce a finished model and not a kit. I’ve toyed with this option. Price would run around $275 per model with an expectation of maybe two to three dozen to make and sell.


      3. G’day Chris

        Been talking with some of the South Australian modellers – they had both the Brill 55 & 75 Railcars – and the project is already underway to produce a model. (For that matter, also I know of 3 x GE 44-tonners here in NSW … 1 preserved and the other 2 both still operational)

        I don’t know if the Brill project is intended as a Kit, but my own interest is in producing RTR, so your comments about price and quantity are certainly of interest. Will let you know when I know more.


      4. That sounds great Geoff. It would be nice to have a model of those similar cars in Australia.

        The 44 toner connection is neat and I had been unaware of it until recently. I had sold an N scale 44 tonner from my collection to an Australian modeller who was contemplating a similar conversion. He posted some information on the Australian engines. They were neat.

        I think if anyone were to produce a Brill model 55 in N it would have to be ready to run. I pictured an etched nickel-silver shell riding on parts that I thought could be adapted from the Tomytec drives, albeit with a different motor and sitting in a new frame. The frame could be printed at Shapeways. It would be multimedia production and finished in a basic colour scheme (unlettered).

        Just thinking out loud. Keep in touch.

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