Murray Harbour Subdivision – 1974 Sidings List

This is copied from the 1974 sidings list I mentioned earlier. “SPINS Number” is the code being assigned in the new numbering program. I have also included two additional columns not listed in the original letter

  • 1988 ETT this town was listed in my copy of the CN Atlantic Region Employee Timetable for 1988
  • 1958 ETT this town is listed in a transcribed copy of the 1958 CN Atlantic Region Employee Timetable – I have copied over the “Car Capacity – Other Tracks” column to help illustrate the siding lengths where listed


Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number 1988 ETT 1958 ETT
Augustus H 02 Public Siding H 002 TT unknown
Auburn H 04 Public Siding H 004 TT
Watervale H 06 Public Siding H 006 TT
Clarken H 08 Public Siding H 008 TT
Hermitage H 10 Public Siding H 010 TT 4 cars
Vernon River H 12 Public Siding H 012 TT 11 cars
H 13 Vernon River Co-op H 013 TT
Uigg H 15 Public Siding H 015 TT Yes 13 cars
Grandview H 17 Public Siding H 017 TT 9 cars
Fodhla H 19 Public Siding H 019 TT 5 cars
Surrey H 19 Public Siding H 019 TT 13 cars
Melville H 23 Public Siding H 023 TT 12 cars
Belle River H 25 Public Siding H 025 TT 7 cars
Wood Island H 27 Public Siding H 027 TT 6 cars
Hopefield H 29 Public Siding H 029 TT 5 cars
Murray River H 31 Public Siding H 031 TT 19 cars
Murray Harbour H 40 Passing Siding H 040 15 cars
H 41 A Public Siding H 041 TT
H 41 B Imperial Oil H 041 IO
H 41 C Ralston Purina H 41 0RP
H 42 Public Siding H 042 TT
H 43 Engine House Track H 043

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