CN Borden Subdivision – 1974 Sidings List

This is copied from the 1974 sidings list I mentioned earlier. “SPINS Number” is the code being assigned in the new numbering program. This is the entire Borden Subdivision (Zone B) as listed in the letter/file.

This was really fun to enter as this is the subdivision that I remember the most of all the subdivisions and it’s the one I have the most photographs of in my own collection. As I mentioned, we moved to PEI in 1985 and by that time the future of the railway had been told and most operations were over this subdivision. I fell in love with the railway immediately and it was always just so easy to get to know. I remember well riding my bike from our house downtown in Charlottetown out to my favourite railfanning location – Royalty Junction. Royalty was the gateway to the east, well the eastern lines at least and I always hoped to catch the crews lining up the switches to take those RSC-14’s down the other leg of the wye. I did get a few rare chances to see that happen but most of the time the switches were being lined so the crews could place some cars at the Sysco (?) warehouse on the Brackely Point Road.

I remember well also trying to convince my parents to let me buy what was left of buildings in Royalty too. By the late eighties all that was left was the handcar shed and a crew building. Both were slated for demolition. While the crew shed was a more common abitibi sided structure (yellow in colour) the handcar shed was actually typical of the design used for so many PEI Railway flag stations. I have a measured sketch of the hand car shed here somewhere too. The Royalty Junction station itself is actually still in existence and can be seen just off the highway in Greenvale on the way to Hunter River. I’ll have to make an effort to introduce myself to it’s current owners and see if I could take some pictures and get some measurements of it before it decays too much more. Anyway, while I had the dollar to buy the handcar shed, I had no where to put it and as far as I know the building is now just a memory.

Anyway, here’s the siding list:

Borden Subdivision
Zone B
Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number
Borden B 70 Yard Track B 070
B 71 Yard Track B 071
B 72 Yard Track B 072
B 73 Yard Track B 073
B 74 Yard Track B 074
B 75 Yard Track B 075
B 76 Yard Track B 076
B 77 Yard Track B 077
B 78 Yard Track B 078
B 79 Yard Track B 079
B 80 Yard Track B 080
B 81 Yard Track B 081
B 82 Yard Track B 082
B 83 Yard Track B 083
B 84 Storage Track B 084
B 85 Storage Track B 085
B 86 Turntable Track B 086
B 87 Storage Track B 087
B 88 Public Siding B 088 TT
B 89 Run Around B 089
B 90 Storage Track B 090
B 91 Steam Plant B 091
B 93 Transfer Track B 093
B 94 Transfer Track B 094
B 96 Wharf Track B 096
Carleton B 67 Public Siding B 067 TT
B 68 Stanley Mayhew B 068 SM
Albany B 66 Eric Robinson B 066 ER
B 65 Public Siding B 065 TT
B 64 Public Siding B 064 TT
B 63 Passing Track B 063
B 62 Canada Cement B 062 CC
B 61 Canada Cement B 061 CC
B 60 Imperial Oil B 060 IO
Kinkora B 58 Spur B 58
B 57 Public Siding B 57 TT
B 56 Public Siding B 56 TT
B 55 Passing Track B 55
B 54 Duffy Co. B 54 DC
Newton B 53 Public Siding B 053 TT
Emerald Junction B 51 Public Siding B 051 TT
B 50 Yard Track B 050
B 49 Yard Track B 049
B 48 Passing Track B 048
B 47 Public Siding B 047 TT
B 46 Storage Track B 046
Bradalbane B 44 Public Siding B 044 TT
B 43 Heaney Bros. B 043 HB
B 42 Passing Track B 042
Elliotts B 40 Public Siding B 040 TT
Fredericton B 38 Public Siding B 038 TT
Hunter River B 35 Purina Feeds B 035 PF
B 34 McCain Farms B 034 MF
B 33 Public Siding B 033 TT
B 32 Passing Track B 032
North Wiltshire B 30 Public Siding B 030 TT
B 29 Public Siding B 029 TT
B 28 Passing Track B 028
Colville B 26 Public Siding B 026 TT
Milton B 23 Public Siding B 023 TT
B 22 Prima Fertilizer B 022 PF
B 21 Public Siding B 021
Winsloe B 19 Public Siding B 019 TT
Royalty Junction B 17 Leg of Wye B 017 TT
B 16 Storage Track B 016
B 15 Storage Track B 015
B 14 Leg of Wye B 014
B 13 Passing Track B 013
B 12 Storage Track B 012
B 11 Storage Track B 011
Warren Maritimes B 09 Warren Maritimes B 009 WM
B 08 Warren Maritimes B 008 WM
Sherwood B 06 Island Construction B 006 IC
B 05 Island Construction B 005 IC
B 04 C.M. McLean Ltd. B 004 CM
St. Dunstans B 02 U.P.E.I. B 002 UP

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