Found: GTC Collectibles list of CN photographs

I found this neat list of CNR photographs while looking for a shot of CN’s H12-44’s. In particular I am looking for a rear-end shot of either 1634 or 1639 taken in the early 1950’s. I have a couple of Minitrix H12-44’s that I am in the process of using to model both of these engines for use on my own layout. These engines would have pulled the “Boat Train” on PEI.

Anyway found this link:

The list is excellent. I see listings for the 44 tonners (pity they’re all shot in Vancouver), the H12-64’s in Truro and other Island-friendly power shot in the Maritimes though my initial scan of the list doesn’t show any credited as being shot in PEI. The list is new to me but I am considering ordering some prints. Damned postal strike is really killing these kinds of finds.


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