CN Montague Subdivision – 1974 Sidings List

This is copied from the 1974 sidings list I mentioned earlier. “SPINS Number” is the code being assigned in the new numbering program. This is the entire Montague Subdivision (Zone G) as listed in the letter/file. Almost parallel to my fascination with the Murray Harbour subdivision is my interest in the Montague Subdivision. I know very little about the subdivision. I remember one summer job that took me out on one single road trip down east through Cardigan and included a  stop in a gift shop that was occupying the restored Cardigan train station. I remember the trackage through the station and seeing a hopper parked at the feed mill in Cardigan. The car itself sticks in my memory as it was one of the ubiquitous Canadian cylindrical hoppers but this one was painted in CN’s grey with black lettering scheme. I don’t remember seeing many with all-black lettering (most had the red letters and logos).

I don’t recall seeing anything of the railroad in Montague but I do at least remember the train station site before the latest round of heavy renovations to the site that included re-grading the site to it’s current layout. I also remember well the feed mill that was located behind the station. I drew some sketches of it and actually built a model in N scale that was inspired by the mill. I also remember thinking that I should take some pictures of it sometime. That time never came and now the mill is gone. Darn it those are hard lessons to learn.

As I plan my next serious layout I am thinking more and more about how suitable Montague would actually be as subject matter for the shelf layout space I have. According to the 1974 sidings list I am posting here (eventually…) there were still some interesting destinations to drop cars at. You couldn’t ask for a more picturesque station site than at Montague. I could see eventually modelling a wye shaped layout with Montague on one arm and Georgetown on the other. You’d join the two, as in the prototype, at Montague Junction and have the line to Cardigan, St.Peters and beyond on a fiddle yard until space permits modelling that lot too.

Here’s the sidings list:

Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number 1988 ETT 1958 ETT
Mt. Stewart Jct. G 02 Associated Shippers G 002 AS yes 17 cars
Pisquid G 04 Public Siding G 004 TT no* 5 cars
Peakes G 06 Public Siding G 006 TT no* 7 cars
St. Theresa G 08 Public Siding G 008 TT no* 7 cars
48 Road G 10 Public Siding G 010 TT no* 8 cars
Perth G 12 Public Siding G 012 TT no* 5 cars
Matheson & MacMillan G 14 Matheson & MacMillan G 014 MM
Cardigan G 15 Cardigan Feed Services G 015 CF
G 16 Public Siding G 016 TT
Roseneath G 18 C.I.L. G 018 CI
Brudenell G 20 Public Siding G 020 TT 3 cars
G 21 Cyanmid Farms G 021 CF
Langley Fruit Packers G 24 Langley Fruit Packers G 024 CF
Montague G 32 Storage Track G 032 yes 43 cars
G 33 Public Siding G 033 TT yes
G 34 A Imperial Oil G 034 IO yes
G 34 B Public Siding G 034 TT yes
Georgetown** G 50 Public Siding G 050 TT “Yard”
G 51 Storage Track G 051
G 52 Storage Track G 052
G 53 Public Siding G 053 TT
G 54 Storage Track G 054
G 60 A Georgetown Seafoods G 060 GS
G 60 B D.O.T. Wharf G 060 TT

As with previous postings I’ve included a column for “1988 Timetable” to show if this town appears in my copy of CN’s 1988 Employee Timetable. I’ve also included a column for “1955..” that includes the total number of car lengths that sidings in this town could accomodate. Car length notes in the 1955 column are total for the town.

Note that Georgetown appears in Zone G and that this subdivision splits at Montague Junction, with one branch to Georgetown and the other to Montague.

Note also that the 1988 timetable includes only three towns in it’s list:

  • Mount Stewart Junction (MP 0.0)
  • Maple Hill (MP 1.4)
  • Montague (MP 25.6)

Any town listed in the subdivision above would still be “online” in 1988 even though it isn’t indicated above.


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