1974 Sidings List – what’s left?

Having just posted the Souris Subdivision the only piece of the puzzle left to do will be the list for the Kensington Subdivision (Zone D. I’ve already done Zone A) and Charlottetown (Zone C).


Maps to post

I still have the Vernon Spur to finish copying from paper to AutoCAD and I’ll post updates as it progresses. I want to start tagging the next posts on this project with landowner names where I know them from the maps.


I also have the Mount Stewart (1954) map to copy to AutoCAD. Since I have building footprints I’ll copy those in too.


Freight Car Database

I’m also going to start work on the database based on the brakemans car notes I have scribblers full of. These scribblers are all dated for the mid-1970’s. When done I’m really interested in starting to build some reports based on car movements and what types of cars were common on those dates I have information for. I know, as most do, that during potato harvest season the Island’s sidings would be packed with leased forty foot ice-bunker reefers. What I would like to have is a ratio of what lessors cars similar to the great work the Rensselaer club did for their model of the Rutland Railroad and it’s traffic patterns.


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