Montague – Montague Junction – Georgetown Googlemap

We have access to so many great tools today online to help us to research just about anything. Over lunch today I took a look at on a hunch that most of the current trail network would still be visible enough to help me to understand the route the railway took to get from Montague Junction to Montague and to Georgetown.

It’s remarkable just how clear the route is. Further to my admission last night while keying in my blog post about having never really watched much real railroad action in Montague I realised that I still haven’t explored the trail network either. It’s neat to see from the map posted above that it should still be possible to take my bike and ride from Montague to Georgetown and along the way get a real sense of what a train trip along these lines would have been like.

I hadn’t realised about the bridge just past Montague and wonder if there are any pictures taken of trains on that bridge.

What else am I curious about next?

Potato traffic. Potatoes were loaded at just about every siding and town along the entire system. I wonder if they were loaded at Montague too? Most of the pictures I have seen shot during the 1970’s time period I’m researching show covered hoppers for the feed mill and tank cars for Imperial Oil. Both are great cars for my layout but I’m curious how heavy the potato traffic out of Montague was?

Backing in to town. Tignish station had a wye just past the yard and any train arriving into Tignish would back into town on it’s arrival. The distance from the wye to the Montague’s station was longer but I have’t found out whether or not a train would have backed the length of the line into Montague too?


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