Souris Subdivision – 1974 Sidings List

This is copied from the 1974 sidings list I mentioned earlier. “SPINS Number” is the code being assigned in the new numbering program. This is the entire Souris Subdivision (Zone E) as listed in the letter/file. Note that as with the Murray Harbour subdivision and the Montague subdivision, this subdivision also spilt at it’s end. In this case the split was at Harmony Jct. (MP 50.2) with one branch leading to Souris (MP 55.0) and the other leg terminating at Elmira (MP 55.2). Elmira being unique in that it was already established as the Provincial railway museum and was also still connected to the rest of the Island’s rail network up until the end of operations. Today most of the line into Elmira is still intact and several times a year the Museum organizes tours over the line on restored “Speeder” cars from their own collection. When the PEI Railway Society formed in 1986 one of our aspirations was to preserve part of the railway as a steam railway. At the time CN was offering either part of the Murray Harbour subdivision or the tail end of the railway into Elmira. It’s still neat to imagine if we had been successful and had been able to ride a steam train from Harmony Junction into Elmira.

As before, sidings terminating with the suffix “TT” are public sidings (“Team Tracks”). My copy of the 1958 Timetable actually breaks out sidings lengths as either “Car Capacity Sidings” or “Car Capacity Other Tracks” and I have tried in this list to associate these measures appropriately. I don’t know for sure. One final thought: Keying in the Royalty Junction and Mount Stewart Junction entries I kept thinking that it might be fun next to group together these junctions in a future post for an overall view instead of this “by subdivision” view.


Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number 1988 ETT 1958 ETT
Brackley E 01 Public Siding E 001 TT 4 cars
Union E 03 Public Siding E 003 TT 3 cars
York E 05 Public Siding E 005 TT 16 cars
E 06 Lewis Bros. E 006 TT
Suffolk E 08 Public Siding E 008 TT 14 cars
E 09 Passing Siding E 009 TT 30 cars
Bedford E 11 Public Siding E 011 TT 11 cars
Tracadie E 13 Public Siding E 013 TT 9 cars
Mt. Stewart Jct. E 15 Public Siding E 015 TT yes 39 cars
E 16 Storage Track E 016
E 17 Passing Siding E 017 12 cars
E 18 Public Siding E 018 TT
Douglas E 21 Passing Siding E 021 TT yes 16 cars
Morell E 25 Storage Track E 025 yes 30 cars
E 26 Public Siding E 026 TT 27 cars
E 27 Public Siding E 027 TT
E 28 Imperial Oil E 028 IO
St. Peters E 29 Public Siding E 029 TT yes 38 cars
Five Houses E 31 Public Siding E 031 TT 7 cars
Selkirk E 33 Public Siding E 033 TT 9 cars
St. Charles E 35 Public Siding E 035 TT 14 cars
Bear River E 37 Public Siding E 037 TT 8 cars
New Zealand E 39 Public Siding E 039 TT
Harmony Jct. E 41 Public Siding E 041 TT yes 9 cars
Baltic E 50 Public Siding E 050 TT 11 cars
Elmira E 53 A Public Siding E 053 TT yes 18 cars
E 53 B Public Siding E 053 TT
E 54 Public Siding E 054 TT
E 56 Public Siding E 056 TT
Souris E 61 Scale Track E 061 yes “yard”
E 62 Storage Track E 062
E 63 Keenan Produce E 063 TT
E 64 Freight Shed E 064
E 66 Eastern Packers E 066 EP
E 67 Public Siding E 067 TT
E 69 Matthew & MacLean E 069 MM
E 71 Imperial Oil E 071 IO
E 72 Public Siding (ramp) E 072 TT
E 75 A Public Siding E 075 TT
E 75 B Dept. of Trans. (wharf) E 075 TT

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