Montague station thoughts on a quiet afternoon

I think I might try my hand over the weekend at starting a model of a typical PEI railway freight house based on Steven Hunter’s excellent drawings from the July 2011 Model Railroader. I’ve reduced a set of his freight house drawings to N scale and thought I’d just browse around the web to see if Montague ever had one of these freight houses.

I found this photo in Allan Graham’s article on PEI railway stations:

Montague Station 1971

Montague Station 1971

It looks like Montague’s freight shed was actually twice the length of the “typical” freight shed. I have a photo taken in Montague in 1979 and the freight shed appears to be gone by then. I wonder what happened to it and how much longer after Allan’s 1971 photo it lasted? I also wonder which siding it was located on of the three stub-ended sidings I always assumed made up the Montague station’s track layout. I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t have been on the siding that led to the feed mill. My 1974 list shows these sidings for Montague:

Montague Subdivision
Zone G
Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number
Montague G 32 Storage Track G 032
G 33 Public Siding G 033 TT
G 34 A Imperial Oil G 034 IO
G 34 B Public Siding G 034 TT

So here’s what makes sense to me. Montague station was laid out with three stub-ended sidings. The siding that ran in front of the station was G-34 and was divided in two sections, one for Imperial Oil and the other as a public siding/team track. Based on Allan’s picture the Imperial Oil half would be west of the station and the Public Siding would be to the east. The freight shed pictured in Allan’s photo should be located on G-34-B. I don’t know how the sidings were actually laid out or numbered but it makes sense that the next siding “back” from the riverbank would be Public Siding (G-33). This siding would be parallel to the station and terminate at the east wall of the station. The final of the three sidings in the list would be the Storage Track (G-32). I had always assumed that the feed mill was rail served and the pictures I’ve seen of trains at the station seem to imply that it was receiving covered hoppers. Perhaps not? If the siding is only labelled as Storage Track maybe those covered hoppers were destined for further down the line? I remember walking the abandoned tracks through Brudenell once but don’t remember Cyanmid Farms (siding G-21) but perhaps those covered hoppers I’ve seen photographed had to be serviced on the return trip from Montague?

Any ideas?


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