…so how does it work

Okay, so I’m really excited about these car notes I’ve been collecting for twenty years now. Here’s an example of one way to interpret the lists. I just posted a scan of one page from the switchlist scribblers. This is based on a car from that scan. CP #286319 is shown as part of train 702. Here’s what we can do with the power of the internet:

  1. Steve Boyko has posted a copy of the CN Employee Timetable for 1973 to his excellent site traingeek.ca. Click this link to go directly to the page for the Borden Subdivision where train 702 runs.
  2. What was CP #286319. Another great site I’ve linked to from this blog and mentioned is Canadian Freight Cars. They have a page for the CP roster and it has a line for 286319. You have to scroll down but this particular car is part of series 286200-286999 and is AAR type RSM and sounds like a pretty typical refrigerator car (“Stl. underframe. Basket bunker, ventilated.”)
  3. I had always assumed that this car was a steel bodied car but it sounds a lot like a wood-bodied car.
  4. Rapido Trains actually has one coming out. Thought not in CP colours yet. Click here to check it out. Click here instead to see a full list of the paint schemes they are offering. There’s an undecorated model for $34.95 and TMR distributing still lists a CDS set for this car in HO.
  5. Fear not N scalers, Fine N Scale, Micro Trains, Atlas and Athearn all offer very similar cars for us too.

Granted this is pretty “in the weeds” but I really enjoy this kind of research and I think it’s neat to know that when I look at a particular car on my layout that it corresponds with a car that ran on the Island. It’ll be neat to try and include this kind of reference for each car as I catalogue it.



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