CN Charlottetown – 1962 Yard Plan

From my collection of CN yard plans is this one from 1962. All the sidings listed in my earlier post should be found on this map. The image itself is low image to make it lighter to post here on the blog. I can offer some higher resolution images of this same map – drop me an email and I’ll send them to you.

CN Charlottetown - 1962 detail map (low. res.)


  1. Wonder if you could send a higher res map of the 1962 CN Charlottetown map you Posted?
    I am just getting back into modelling and, since I now live on PEI, want to recreate bits of the run down toward Montague/Murray River on a shelf N-gauge layout. If you can direct me to other sources for down this way it would be appreciated. I was surprised to discover a turntable well in Montague, so that might be a thing to model.

      1. Two pictures of the Charlottetown station and yard are at:
        and the pictures of the yard are at:

        You’ll find a wealth of pictures about railway in PEI, including the locos in the barn.
        A couple of the 1730s are at Travellers Rest and I took some at Kensington.

        Unfortunately, mostly in black & white.
        Email me if you’d like an original file from anything which interests you. Later, I’ll dig out some colour slides that I took and they’ll be posted as well.Right now, they’re into slide chests in the basement (but safe from moisture etc).

        BTW the webmaster (in NS) intends to have a page on PEI later.
        His address is well displayed on all the pages and you’re welcome to send him any historical rail stuff.

      2. That sounds terrific. Thank you.

        I’ll look forward to any new content.

        I’ve been considering the launch of a Wiki for railroading on PEI similar to the superb one created for the Dominion Atlantic Railway. I’m trying to get a sense of whether or not there is enough material for the project. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Chris!
    I am a big fan of your PEI blog. I am interested in the railway ever since I saw it on Jim Shaughnessy’s article on classic trains.
    I am also a model railroader and thinking of the PEI as a candidatw for my modelling theme.
    If you wouldnt mind, i would like to have a higher resolution of this image and other track maps you have.
    All the way from the Philippines,

    1. Hello Kurt,

      It’s terrific to hear from you. All the way from the Philippines too! My friend, Shawn Naylor spent several years there too and it was Shawn that really sparked my passion for railroading on the Island. I’m glad you’ve caught the interest too.

      I don’t know if you have joined yet or not but there is a terrific Facebook group dedicated to the railway:

      I have recorded your email address and I’ll send copies of the maps that I have to you directly from that. Out of respect for your privacy, I’ll delete the comment containing the address.



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